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We Scan for CAD and develop a 3D model intuitively on the basis of BIM (Building Information Modeling)

INNVEA 3D Scanning & Mapping Solutions provides mobile laser scanning at an unprecedented cost to quality ratio.

Surveying buildings in order to generate BIM or CAD models has been a time consuming task. With our NavVis M3 Trolley the time to collect the data can be reduced by 90% compared to an approach with terrestrial laser scanning. The Trolley creates precise colored 5mm point clouds that can easily be loaded into your point cloud processing tool. High resolution panoramic pictures help make the data modeling even more efficient.

Measurement and Redesigning of existing properties is possible in the shortest time with our 3D point cloud with a 5mm grid. As a 2D floor plan or 3D BIM model, a layout from an existing building with 100,000-200,000 square feet can be created within a few weeks with our specialized EliteCAD 3D Architectural Software. With the certified IFC Interface our data can be imported in all high end Architectural Software programs.




Applications of NavVis Indoor Digitization Technology

Indoor mapping and positioning are core components of digital value creation indoors.
Capturing your indoor spaces with NavVis not only helps you to digitize all your business processes around indoor value creation, it also enables a whole new set of possibilities to create additional features and products. NavVis is built for optimal integration into your existing information systems and allows you to develop custom applications and additional modules tailored to your specific needs.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It describes a process for parametrical building planning and is collectively used by architects, specialist planners, cost planners as well as operators in project development and in facility management. Due to the automatic update of all processes, projects can be planned and unrolled faster and more efficiently. The performed changes are available instantly to all participants. Building models are realized faster with all relevant disciplines and the effort of coordination and work is reduced dramatically.

IFC – Industry Foundation Classes

The IFC standard is registered under ISO 16739.
IFC is an open standard in the building and construction industry for digital description of building models during the BIM process. The IFC interface has proved itself as a basis for data exchange, as it guarantees a high-quality, parametric data exchange. In practice the parametric data exchange of BIM projects is currently performed on the basis of IFC 2×3. Mapped are the logical building layers (buildings, storey, wall, openings, windows), belonging properties as well as optional geometry. Precise model information attributes and identifications are therefore available in high-quality to all specialist planners and operators. Learn more….


What is buildingSMART?

The buildingSMART initiative was started to establish a standard approach for optimizing the planning, execution and management processes for the building and construction industry. In context of this initiative IFC has prevailed as open standard for building models.

Who is behind buildingSMART?

  • Universities
  • Planning offices
  • Construction companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Construction supply industry
  • Building services
  • Building managers
  • Trade organizations
  • Real estate companies
  • Software companies

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Godofredo Carlos Geyer – Former Member of the Board at LOOOM, now NavVis Expert for INNVEA, Buffalo NY: “With the NavVis Technology we digitalize even the largest buildings in the shortest time. With the captured data we generate high-precision 3D CAD and BIM models for further designing levels. We are thrilled about the enormous efficiency gains“ Learn more….